Georgian Dublin Walking Tour

It was Oscar Wilde who said, "I can resist everything except temptation". I want to tempt you to join me on our Georgian tour that includes and also looks at the Dublin of Wilde, Joyce and George Bernard Shaw with strong Dutch overtures and the French connection. But we are not solely associated with great literary giants but also with other inventive creations. What are they? Come and join me to find out.

Viking/Medieval Dublin Walking Tour

There is no doubt that the Vikings have left their mark on Ireland and Dublin in particular. The Vikings may have laid its foundations but the city developed its own identity that over time has become perhaps best illustrated by the wit of its people. The Vikings, Anglo-Normans, the wars, the tragedies and triumphs are all recounted on this tour. World premieres and immortal verse join us as we retrace the steps of immortality.

Dublin in Rebellion Walking Tour

Dublin's O’Connell Street is a place synonymous of course with the Easter Rising of 1916. But this part of the city also has many other stories to tell that gives us an insight into the evolution of Dublin City and indeed the country.The paradoxes abound as we walk through a hugely contentious and momentous period in Irish history. Contesting interpretations form part of the narrative. 

Great Churches & Cathedrals of Old Dublin

The narrative that is Old Dublin cannot be told without due veneration to its many places of worship, its many churches, and imposing cathedrals. Within these august structures lie the associated tragedies and triumphs of generations of its disciples’. From the stonemasons and ecclesiastical to the generations of its parishioners and beyond. Antiquity beckons and creativity lures. One is compelled to admire and reflect.

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