Georgian Dublin Walking Tour


It was Oscar Wilde who said, “I can resist everything except temptation“. I want to tempt you to join me in our Georgian tour that looks at the Dublin of Wilde, Joyce and Bernard Shaw with strong Dutch overtures and the French connection. The city may be in a state of renewal, but its literary giants have helped in no small way to regenerate our communal ability to appreciate the creative talents that they have bequeathed to us. It's when you have that fusion of great creativeness, where the wordsmiths of paradoxical poetry meet the artisans of  Georgian genius that you have the quintessential Dublin. Everything and nothing, with the patchwork of historical  contradiction that holds it together tantalisingly tearing at the curiosity of its many admirers. 

The Experience

The exodus from what was once the fashionable Northside to the more comfortable surroundings of the Southside is part of the odyssey that we expand upon. James Joyce looms large in our story as do other great literary figures. Scientists and prime ministers also get a mention as we take a peek through the looking glass of history.Political intrigue is everywhere to be seen as we expand on the political divisions that shaped the Republic and which still to this day are manifested by the fallout from this very divisive period in Irish history.But ultimately by dissecting this part of the history of Dublin, we come to an accommodation of sorts. A mix of history, humour and opulence might best summarise it. Come and join me and you will appreciate its significance. After all ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ as they say.

What You'll See

  • Trinity College in passing
  • Nassau Street and The Oranje
  • Nassau Street again and the Capel Street Kid
  • A famous chemist shop
  • The National Gallery
  • The Rutland monument
  • Merrion park and a date with Oscar
  • Government buildings and the great Obelisk
  • Natural History Museum (also called the Dead Zoo)
  • A Dublin pub famous for it's Folk Music
  • A French Huguenots cemetery

(Photo:) The Famine Memorial St. Stephen's Green Dublin(Photo:) Sweny's Chemist and James Joyce(Photo:) Malone Malone(Photo:) More recent Oscar Wilde(Photo:) Trinity College(Photo:) Oscar Wilde Statue in Merrion Square Park(Photo:) Georgian Doors(Photo:) Fusiliers Arch in St.Stephens Green, Dublin(Photo:) Trinity College dates to 1592 and is Ireland’s first university(Photo:) A taste of Georgian Dublin


"Thank you so much Antoin, we enjoyed our time with you very much. Your knowledge was shared in such an engaging way. Fascinating historical stories! Truly was what we needed after a difficult trip. Thank you!"
- Maureen

"I had the opportunity to do the Churches and Cathedrals tour. The journey had something special because the guide was passionate about Irish culture and language. It was fascinating to hear stories and facts about Dublin and see the beautiful churches that make the city a rich culture. I highly recommend this Tailteann Tours for the excellent customer service."
- Acauan Malta

"We enjoyed spending part of our day with Antoin. Due to some scheduling issues, he was gracious enough to rearrange his schedule for our tour, which we really appreciated. He is very knowledgeable about the city, was punctual and very accommodating. He even offered to extend our tour to cover extra areas."
- Private Client

"Our tour with Antoin was excellent! In addition to the information about the various buildings, parks, statues, etc. in Dublin, Antoin gave us an in-depth history lesson of Ireland - the Vikings, the famine, the 1916 rebellion, the many poets and writers, etc. I highly recommend taking a tour of Dublin with Antoin!"
- Private Client

"Outstanding guide and tour. Thank you Antoin for making this tour exceptional for us and for our grandchildren"
- Private Client

"We're sorry to be leaving the lovely Emerald Isle after our amazing week. Before we boarded we enjoyed a guided tour from Antoin at Tailteann Irish Tours around Dublin, we even found the pub where it all began for the Dubliners"
- Mannion Travel

"A fantastic city tour if you are looking for a personal and genuine experience with interesting facts and funny anecdotes about almost everything along the way! Not one of our many questions about Dublin history remains unaswered after this day with Antóin. Highly recommended!"
- Ellen Edvall

"Thanks for your email and for looking after my group of 65 divided into three smaller groups on the recent walking tours of Dublin. We were all delighted and enjoyed your excellent services and explanation of the history of Dublin. I look forward to your service again for future Immaculate Tours groups visiting Dublin."
- Ron and group from California

"Antoin is an exquisite guide. He showed us around Dublin. He told us many interesting and less known facts and in general it was a great tour and experience. Definitely going to book him next time in Dublin as well."
- Ivanka, Private Tour (School Group)


Nassau’s nostalgia

This tour is intended to make you welcome
The chances of getting lost happen quite seldom
If I happen to go on a terrible rant
Don’t get mad just give me a chance
As I speak at length about St. Patrick and Wells
Of earthquakes and writers and love stories pray tell
Of Vikings and Kings and food to enhance
My tour of Nassau we hope will leave you entranced.

We might even meet Nora down in the pub
Or hear of the feats of the numerous Dubs
Who make up our tale of Nassau’s surrounds
If we still had old money I’d bet you a pound
So follow me now as we set out together
This is Ireland so you can be sure of good weather
No I’m not joking so follow me now as I stride out
On Nassau and think of the sounds
That make this an interesting tale that abounds
Of all you’d expect in this interesting town

It's a doctor I want not a trip to the Zoo
I don't want to complain so I suppose I'll make do
With the rest of the cast chimapanzees and all
I'll wait on old Leopold to give me the call
Frolics and fun down Merrion Road way
World shattering explosions as we head for the quay
Emulsions and ointments are here to be found
While Oscar James Bernard are absolutely sound
What more can we offer what more can I say
Except join me and take a stroll down old memory way

Antóin Ó Lochraigh

The Meeting Point

Please note: Booking is essential; To avoid disappointment, please contact us in the first instance to secure your place on one of our tours or use the online booking facility.

Meet at the main entrance to Trinity College on College Green. Prepare for a 3-hour walk approx., with a stop for a break in between. Bring good walking shoes, raingear and a sense of humour. A rendition of a verse or a song in my best Dublin accent is included. As an appropriate footnote can I just add: 'Bíonn siúlach scéalach' -Travelers have tales to tell, source anonymous.

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