Dublin in Rebellion Walking Tour


Our tour of Rebellion signifies and tells the story of a centuries-old struggle. We set the scene by recounting some of the ingredients that led to the penultimate, or perhaps the precursor to the penultimate battle. We visit some of the iconic monuments and learn about some of the protagonists that make up the story of Ireland’s fight for independence. But we also bring a sense of cheerfulness to proceedings by remembering some of the characters that make up the narrative of Baile Atha Cliath or Dublin. Mythological musing gives us symbolic reflections of how interpretations can be misinterpreted. Figures standing with outstretched arms offer a chance to glance back in time. Posers also tell a story that’s worth listening to. As Joyce said, "When I die, Dublin will be written in my heart." With all its imperfections I nonetheless can appreciate Joyce’s sentiment. This is my city after all.

The Experience

On this tour, you will also hear of another Scandinavian invasion of sorts. Space exploration will be examined as we learn of the exploits of the first Irish Space Cadet (metaphorically speaking). We also hear of the story and connection to ‘The Little Corporal’ not forgetting our flirtation with a doctor's dilemma, climaxing in whatever order and in conclusion with the strange tale of the culture vulture and the door-knocker, and the developer with the cutlass. On a more sombre note we reflect also on one of the great tragedies of Irish history and the story of the famine, or as we call it in the Irish language ‘An Gorta Mor’ The Great Hunger. We will also look back at one of the perhaps unsung heroes of the Famine who faced adversity with great resolve and determination in trying to mitigate its effects. So between all the conflicting conflicts why not join me at the Spire and we can aspire to trace the history that still resonates today with a lot of amusing anecdotes for company. It sounds great; I might even do the tour myself.

What You'll See

  • The Spire
  • General Post Office (GPO)
  • Big Jim Larkin statue
  • St. Mary's Pro Cathedral and Dublin's Martyrs
  • The Customs House
  • The Ha'penny Bridge
  • O'Connell statue
  • Parnell monument
  • Parnell Square
  • The Rotunda
  • The Garden of Remembrance
  • The Hugh Lane Gallery
  • The Famine Memorial

(Photo:) Garden of Remembrance(Photo:) Garden of Remembrance(Photo:) Temple Bar, Dublin(Photo:) The Church Café Bar in Jervis Street, Dublin(Photo:) The James Connolly statue and 1916(Photo:) St. Mary's Pro Cathedral and Dublin's Martyrs(Photo:) Ha'ppeny Bridge(Photo:) Dublin Spire seen from Henry Street(Photo:) The Famine Memorial in Dublin - The Great Hunger (An Gorta Mor) of the 1840s in which over a million Irish people died and a million more emigrated(Photo:) The Customs House in Dublin - Architecturally one of our most beautiful buildings


"Thank you so much Antoin, we enjoyed our time with you very much. Your knowledge was shared in such an engaging way. Fascinating historical stories! Truly was what we needed after a difficult trip. Thank you!"
- Maureen

"I had the opportunity to do the Churches and Cathedrals tour. The journey had something special because the guide was passionate about Irish culture and language. It was fascinating to hear stories and facts about Dublin and see the beautiful churches that make the city a rich culture. I highly recommend this Tailteann Tours for the excellent customer service."
- Acauan Malta

"We enjoyed spending part of our day with Antoin. Due to some scheduling issues, he was gracious enough to rearrange his schedule for our tour, which we really appreciated. He is very knowledgeable about the city, was punctual and very accommodating. He even offered to extend our tour to cover extra areas."
- Private Client

"Outstanding guide and tour. Thank you Antoin for making this tour exceptional for us and for our grandchildren"
- Private Client

"We're sorry to be leaving the lovely Emerald Isle after our amazing week. Before we boarded we enjoyed a guided tour from Antoin at Tailteann Irish Tours around Dublin, we even found the pub where it all began for the Dubliners"
- Mannion Travel

"A fantastic city tour if you are looking for a personal and genuine experience with interesting facts and funny anecdotes about almost everything along the way! Not one of our many questions about Dublin history remains unaswered after this day with Antóin. Highly recommended!"
- Ellen Edvall


A sense of Identity

From within we cultivate a sense of identity
Fashioned from the clay of purity we remain anonymous
To be truly free we cannot comprehend any narrative but our own
Tributes stand were we have marked the graves of immortality
Home to the chosen few who sacrificed the ultimate
Whose words are lamentations to the beyond, to forever
In the clear light of darkness we commend the sincerity of
Nobleness and madness
A terrible beauty was never born but exists as it always has

Tears fall silent but tell a story of who we are, who we have become
The seclusion of this place holds a paradoxical madness to the ominous beat of modernity’s
Obscene extravagance, blind to the faith of interpretation
Who bends the knee to indifference at the onset of hidden memory?
Wild geese contained in proclamations of past valour, whose eternal flame is fading
But not extinguished, never extinguishable
Children of Eireann lament the passing of some old tragedy, not bitten by the
Stories that pull at our coat tails, a reminder of nothing but our indifference
A reminder of who we once were

Monument of the redemption, four and many, cast a glint of light where
Freedom means more than the pedantic genuflection to darkness
This place speaks volumes and is loud in its solitude of silence
It answers the call for they cannot answer back

Antóin Ó Lochraigh

Meeting Point

Please note: Booking is essential; To avoid disappointment, please contact us in the first instance to secure your place on one of our tours or use the online booking facility.

Meet at the Spire and be inspired. Prepare for a 3-hour walk approx., with a stop for a break in between. Bring good walking shoes, raingear of whatever variety and a sense of humour. As an appropriate footnote: ' Bíonn siúlach scéalach '- 'Travellers have tales to tell'. Source anonymous.

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