Great Churches and Cathedrals
of Old Dublin Walking Tour


The narrative that is Old Dublin cannot be told without due veneration to its many places of worship, its many churches, and imposing cathedrals. Within these august structures lie the associated tragedies and triumphs of generations of its disciples’.

From the stonemasons and ecclesiastical to the generations of its parishioners and beyond. Antiquity beckons and creativity lures. One is compelled to admire and reflect. The mundane is beautiful because of its history. The beautiful is beyond aesthetic because of its sheer presence. Names are codified to bring familiarity, principled people and unprincipled devotion. The architects of grandeur and ordinariness are everywhere to be seen.

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The Experience

The processional path that winds its way to follow in the footsteps of the flock of yesteryear is where we bring you on this tour. Foundation upon foundation is revisited as we learn of the characters and conspiracies that are embedded on and in this principled part of the old town. Slumbering soldiers, saints and the sentinels of centenaries are recalled as we inspect and explain their imprint on our city. Superstitions and celebrations are revisited as we recount the impact of the cities evolution and its religious dependence.

The culmination of the tour is a visit to St.Patrick;s Cathedral where we see at first hand the statues and artefacts that abound in this 12century Early Gothic Cathedral with its eternal connection with St.Patrick and Jonathan Swift, he of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ fame. The names of the many who have made their mark on the city are too numerous to mention. Come and experience it all on our tour of ‘Great Churches and Cathedrals of Old Dublin’.

What You'll See

  • St.Werburgh’s Church
  • St.Nicholas Within
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • St.Audoen’s
  • St.Audoens’ (Catholic Church)
  • St. Augustine’s / John’s Lane Church-R.C.
  • St.Catherine’s
  • St. Nicholas of Myra –R.C.
  • St.Patrick’s Cathedral (full guided tour included)

(Photo:) Christ Church Cathedral(Photo:) Park beside St Patrick's Cathedral(Photo:) St. Audeon's(Photo:) John’s Lane Church(Photo:) St Patrick’s Cathedral(Photo:) St.Catherine's(Photo:) St. Nicholas of Myra(Photo:) Pieta from St. Nicholas of Myra(Photo:) St. Patrick's Cathedral(Photo:) St.Werburgh's


"Thank you so much Antoin, we enjoyed our time with you very much. Your knowledge was shared in such an engaging way. Fascinating historical stories! Truly was what we needed after a difficult trip. Thank you!"
- Maureen

"I had the opportunity to do the Churches and Cathedrals tour. The journey had something special because the guide was passionate about Irish culture and language. It was fascinating to hear stories and facts about Dublin and see the beautiful churches that make the city a rich culture. I highly recommend this Tailteann Tours for the excellent customer service."
- Acauan Malta

"We enjoyed spending part of our day with Antoin. Due to some scheduling issues, he was gracious enough to rearrange his schedule for our tour, which we really appreciated. He is very knowledgeable about the city, was punctual and very accommodating. He even offered to extend our tour to cover extra areas."
- Private Client

"Our tour with Antoin was excellent! In addition to the information about the various buildings, parks, statues, etc. in Dublin, Antoin gave us an in-depth history lesson of Ireland - the Vikings, the famine, the 1916 rebellion, the many poets and writers, etc. I highly recommend taking a tour of Dublin with Antoin!"
- Private Client

"Outstanding guide and tour. Thank you Antoin for making this tour exceptional for us and for our grandchildren"
- Private Client

"We're sorry to be leaving the lovely Emerald Isle after our amazing week. Before we boarded we enjoyed a guided tour from Antoin at Tailteann Irish Tours around Dublin, we even found the pub where it all began for the Dubliners"
- Mannion Travel

"A fantastic city tour if you are looking for a personal and genuine experience with interesting facts and funny anecdotes about almost everything along the way! Not one of our many questions about Dublin history remains unaswered after this day with Antóin. Highly recommended!"
- Ellen Edvall




To enthral to appease, monuments to eternity and emotion
Signifying iconic enlightenment tailored with sincere devotion
Layers of sunlight and sadness commanding
All that is cherished and frowned upon not withstanding
Surveying all and sundry from its perch of hallowed redemption
Cajoling and extolling the virtues of narrow exemption


A doorway to the other we mock sometimes with caution
Life’s threadbare story is told with genuflected exhaustion
Steeples’ and steps convey the cross of Gethsemane
This city’s pains will view it through the looking-glass of enmity
Grey and foreboding as it commands its sacrifice to immortality
It begs the forgiveness of its flock’s external solidarity


The ghosts of the conqueror and conquered remember them all
Treading softly and loudly we can still hear their call
Buttressed through time with the cement of hardened pleasure
The stained glass of miscellany that we must always treasure
Contemporaries of the cult of all consuming madness
Stare jealously at history’s bestowal, its monuments of gladness


The catacombs of consciousness where their memories lie hidden
Salutations to solemnity where all sins are forgiven
Tombs to the unknown, the known and their peoples
I remember them still as I stare at the steeples
The wretched and rich that assembled so loudly
Let us remember them all in quiet prayer but perhaps proudly.

Antóin Ó Lochraigh

Meeting Point

Please note: Booking is essential; To avoid disappointment, please contact us in the first instance to secure your place on one of our tours or use the online booking facility.

Meet at the main entrance to Dublin Castle at Palace Street, just off Dame Street. Prepare for a 3-hour walk approx., with a stop for a break in between. Bring good walking shoes, raingear of whatever variety and a sense of humour. As an appropriate footnote: ' Bíonn siúlach scéalach '- 'Travellers have tales to tell'. Source anonymous.

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