Celtic mythology folklore and superstitions (or Piseoga) still run deep within the mind-set of the Gael. In Ireland some traditions are still observed that one might consider irrationalities, for fear of upsetting certain beings that inhabit the otherworld. That observance can mean upsetting the natural order of things.

In a country that still holds jealously onto it’s past we still show a respect for things that you might find unfathomable if not down- right strange. Bad luck and strange happenings can be visited upon transgressors or non-believers. There are many who have tried to cast doubt on the existence of the spirits that inhabit the Otherworld. It might be fair to say that the doubters have been converted or that at least they now doubt their own long-held perceptions. So, was it the wind howling or some other strange phenomenon?

What relevance has Folklore got in today’s world? Should these ‘stories’ be simply consigned to the dustbin that modernity demands, or have they got a relevance that still resonates today? Why not listen to our stories and then decide.

You can enjoy an evening of storytelling with Antoin as we capture the moment by recounting tales of the past with more recent happenings that are asking for an inquisitive audience to ponder. Love, hate, magic and customs are all brought to the table with a touch of Dublin wit with stories to amuse.

The Fairy Tribes of Erin

Of Pookas and Fairies and all things in the Night
Of legend and goblins and Bean Si’s to give fright
Of Headless Horsemen and Grave diggers in flight
Welcome to the land and to the tribes of the Irish.

Antóin Ó Lochraigh

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